Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Line is the most fundamental element of design, forming a visual langage of expression used by artists and designers alike. It has the ability and versatility to form letters of an alphabet and formulates the ideas of the mind through sketches drawn on paper.

Everyone uses line in some form or another, from the first scribbles of a child to the organization of society through architecture, travel and even virtual communication.
The exhibition Line by Line brought to life various notions of how line is portrayed both in art and design through sculptural modes of display. Some of the worksclearly demonstrated line through constructed paterns or direction while other works simply implied line in a way that mimics a drawing.
The exhibition has united the works of 11 artists and designers: Apokalyps Labotek, Argue Design, Beatrice Hansson, Eva Marklund, Helene Hortlund, Kristina Matousch, Mako Ishizuka, Maria Zetterstrand, Markus Degerman, Matilda Nordgård and Vivian Chan.

For more pictures click on the link: gallery-naive.com